Skills slalom

A brilliant training drill to encourage your attackers to control the ball and unleash a shot on the run.

Set up

Use the penalty area of your team’s age group. In this session we’ve used eight players. You will need balls, poles and a goal. If you don’t have enough poles, use the ones you have for the striker’s run. If you have no poles, use cones.

How to play it

The striker must dribble the ball through the poles and shoot with one touch after clearing the last pole, while the other player has to run through his set of poles in order to get to the goal and try to save the shot. You can add or take away poles to time the keeper so he arrives at the goal as the striker is about to shoot.


Make sure players use both feet as they run through the poles. Trying to beat the keeper in a race also adds realistic pressure. Players need to get the ball out of their feet as they exit the slalom and hit a good shot at goal. Make a note of which part of the goal the keepers go to when they get to there, as they should be central.

Dribble and shoot

    1. Strikers must dribble through the poles and shoot on the first touch after clearing the last pole
    2. Goalkeepers race through the poles to get to the goal before the striker

Dribble and shoot

    3. Change the angle of run and direction. Here it is a curved run from outside the penalty area
    4. Add an extra pole to make it harder for the keeper to get into goal before the striker

    5. When the shot has been fired the keeper must retrieve the ball and go to the striker’s side and the striker becomes a goalkeeper
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