Soccer coaching game for high and low strikers

This high and low striker session shows the advantage of forwards playing off each other and combining with the midfield to create scoring opportunities.

It helps you coach your attackers to get involved in the build-up and needs good support from midfielders who must move quickly to combine with the attacker.

The attacker must move into attacking positions close to goal once they have played their part in the build-up so the wide midfielders have targets to hit.


Set up a 40×30 yards area with a goal at each end.

Each play uses two grey attackers and one white attacker with groups A and B to feed the balls in.

Player A passes to the grey player who passes back to the white attacker. The white attacker then plays a ball into space for player A to shoot at goal.

Once the player has shot, he changes position so the white player moves to the back of group A, player A takes the position of the middle grey player – who moves to the back of group B.


Using the same formula as above, player A passes to the grey attacker, who passes to the white player, then the ball is passed back to player A who crosses to the other grey attacker, who turns and shoots at goal from the cross.

Players move to the back of the queues as before.

This exercise is taken from Tony Carr’s Smart Sessions.

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Dave Clarke

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