Soccer coaching session for strikers to shoot from angles

One of the best goals I have seen recently is the one by Ramires in Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final against Barcelona. He scored from an angle, chipping the goalkeeper with a classy finish.

In the English Premier League last season, more than 50% of goal opportunities came about from the ball being wide of either goal post – rather than in the central area.

Having the confidence to aim for the far corner of the goal takes practice, so repeating this move in training will give your players the belief they can find it on a regular basis.

One of the most challenging situations for a striker is when he finds himself approaching the goal from an angle. He needs to combine a number of skills – balance, technique, awareness, and no small amount of composure – if he is to find the net.

And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, there’s a goalkeeper to beat as well!

And getting your players to master the technique of shooting at an angle – particularly across the goalkeeper – offers opportunities from rebounds as well.

You’ll have your own way of communicating good shooting technique but this activity will certainly help your players become more familiar approaching the goal at an angle.


How to set it up

  • Mark out an area 50 yards long by 20 yards wide. Then create two channels – one to the left and one in the centre of the area. Place a goal on each side, as in the top picture. Make the narrow channels three yards wide.
  • You will need a supply of balls for this exercise.

Getting started

  • Attackers start from either end.
  • Players run down their channel, approach the goalkeeper and shoot across him, aiming at the far corner of the goal.
  • The goalkeeper can only advance a couple of yards from his goal.
  • Once players take a shot, they then swap to the other channel and shoot at the second goal with their other foot.
  • Progress the session by removing the channels and allow the attackers to approach in line with the goal post. Despite approaching head-on, their task still is to find the bottom corner.

This session originally appeared in Soccer Coach Weekly.

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