Soccer drill to boost striker skills and awareness

Strikers find themselves in all sorts of situations during a game, so you have to coach them in training drill sessions to prepare them for what they will face. Try this soccer drill to help players become more aware of what is going on around them and able to react at full speed and intensity.

Drill to work on strikers’ skills

  • You need to use half a full pitch, with two goals, two goalkeepers and start the runs 30 yards from goal.
  • The striker receives a lay back from server 1 for a first time shot into the right-hand goal.
  • Immediately server 2 passes a ball into space and the striker runs to shoot first time at the left-hand goal.
  • The striker then receives a pass from server 3 and must turn to shoot at the right-hand goal.
  • Finally, server 4 plays an aerial cross for the striker to head or volley first time at the left-hand goal.

    drill to get strikers coping with shooting, volleying, heading, from different starting points


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