Soccer drill to get strikers using either foot when theyre shooting close to goal

This soccer drill focuses on making your strikers use their weaker foot close to goal so they're not twisting their bodies into unusual shapes to try and get their foot in the right position to score.
Close to goal, strikers can guide the ball into the net, they don't need to rifle it home. So this soccer drill is all about coaching your players to be comfortable in front of the goal with both feet.

In the drill, get your players to concentrate on:

  • Hitting the target when shooting.

  • Reacting to the next ball.
  • Working at a realistic speed.

Set this drill up as in the diagram below on a small-sided pitch with two teams of four players. You, or a helper, act as the server by standing on the half way line at the side.

soccer drill to get strikers using left and right feet when close to goal

In the diagram, the white-shirted players dribble, then pass (1) to the coach. The coach makes a lay off (2) for a first time shot with the right foot (3).

Immediately the player moves across the penalty area and reacts to a pass from a team mate at the side of the goal by shooting with his left foot (5). He then takes the place of his team mate next to the goal.

The dark-shirted players do the same thing the opposite way around – this time the left foot shot is further out but here just look for direction from the player. Tell him you want to see him hit the target not necessarily score past the goalkeeper.

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