Soccer finishing drill to boost decision making skills

ABC soccer finishing drills promote independent thought and improve your players’ decision making skills. Introduce the following ABC finishing drill to your team and reap the benefits in your next match.

If you walk your players through what you have to do in a soccer drill you will get a much better response when they do it at speed.

In this soccer finishing drill you combine ABC with a defender to add an extra slice of realism to it. Follow it through in the diagram and show your players what they have to do. Then watch them reap the benefits in their next match.

Set up the drill

Mark out an area 40 yards x 30 yards, with a goal and a goalkeeper. You need four cones and four players, one on each cone.

drill to get players passing, crossing and finishing
player movement bar

How to play the drill

  • Player 1 passes to player 2 then defends 1v1.
  • Player 2 and player 3 play a 2v1 against player 1.
  • Player 4 dribbles and crosses for players 2 and 3 who attempt to lose player 1 and score.

Move players on so player 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 and so on.

Click here for a 1v1 decision-making soccer drill.