Fast feet and shoot

An individual session to get young players to unleash shots at goal when they are on the run. Good for coordination and balance with some ball control and of course shooting. If you want a bit of a competition put the stop clock on them and see who is the fastest

Set up

Get all your squad to have a go at this set up, use the area as marked, and you will need cones, balls, a stopwatch and two goals.

How to play it

You need to put the goals back to back and place a ball each side 5 yards in front of each of the goals. Players go individually starting with the first ball and dribbling around the goal. At the half way point they knock the ball in front of themselves and sprint after it, shooting first touch when they get to that point. They then dribble the next ball around to the first goal, knock the ball in front of themselves then sprint to it and shoot. If you are timing the move use the stopwatch and see who is the fastest.


First of all this is a fun session for the players – who doesn’t like to shoot! But on a more serious note it requires good technique which you should look out for.

1.You need to set up with two goals and balls in front of each of the goals five yards distance from the goal
2. Players pass the ball in front of them at the cone into an area in front of goal where they can knock it and run onto it and shoot

3. Look for good dribbling and players knocking the ball into good areas in front of goal

4. Once the shot has been made the player moves to the second ball and dribbles around to the other goal

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