Strike partners soccer drill

Help your strike partners develop an effective understanding with each other in order to create the space needed to score goals like Robin van Persie.

Why use it

When two strikers play together they develop an understanding. Robin van Persie uses his strike partners to create the space needed for match winning shots on goal. Follow this practice and your players could forge a similar understanding.

Set up

You need at least eight players, plus two keepers. One striker and a defender should be in each half, with a line of second strikers for each team at the side of the pitch by the halfway mark. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Play a small-sided game on a 40×30 yard pitch with goals at each end.

How to play

To attack at both ends simultaneously, each keeper throws the ball to the first of the strikers waiting on the sidelines. He must combine 2v1 with the attacker already on the pitch in order to set-up a scoring chance.


To develop a partnership between two forwards they must work intensively in training, moving into different positions to disrupt the defense. Creativity is key to opening up space and a good first touch can help to beat defenders.


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