Three zone scorer

This is a great training game for getting strikers to read the play and move for the pass. Your players will set up plenty of scoring chances for the team with this activity. This session gets teams to link up play from back to front, with movement and passing options in each zone and plenty of scoring opportunities for strikers.

Set up

Create an area of 45×20 yards split into three 15×20-yard zones with a goal at each end. We used 16 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play

Split your players into two teams of seven plus goalkeepers. Both teams start with three players in the defensive zone, three players in the midfield zone and one player in the attacking zone in a 3-3-1.

Each team must make three passes or more in the defensive zone and again in the midfield zone before the ball can move out into the attacking zone.

There are no restrictions in the attacking zone. Teams must have one player in the attacking zone and one player in the defending zone at all times, but other than that, players are free to move around the zones.


This is a basic, tactical session in playing out from the back and through the thirds. You should look for good passing and movement, with finishing technique from the striker.

    1. The goalkeeper starts the game with a pass out into the defensive zone
    2. The team must make three passes in the defensive zone before the ball can be passed into the next zone

    3. Teams must have one attacker in the end zone and one defender in the defensive zone at all times
    4. Here the midfielders must pass the ball three times before they can move into the attacking zone

    5. Players must move to create space and get a shot in on goal
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