Short sprint stamina drills

Set up a V pattern and get your players working on a short-sprint stamina training drill, before extending the drill to include dribbling skills as well.
Using a triangle of cones, about four metres x four metres x four metres, ask your players to do a series of short sprints to prepare them for a match. This soccer coaching drill gets the blood circulating in the players’ legs and prepares them for the short sprints used regularly in game situations.

Include this soccer drill as a part of your players’ fitness regime. It’s a good one for building up stamina.

Soccer drill coaching tips

  • Markers positioned in a V pattern, four metres apart.
  • Players start at the base of the V.
  • Sprint to either of the top markers.
  • Turn and sprint back to the base of the V.
  • Sprint out to the other marker.
  • Turn and sprint back to the base of the V to finish.
  • Immediately repeat the same drill sequence while dribbling a ball.
  • Repeat the drill for three sets with two minutes rest between drill sets.


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