2v2 around the world


This three team all-action game develops 2v2 attacking and defending. It also improves communication and team work as players work together in pairs in order to react to attacking and defending in the game.

Set up

  • Pitch 20yds x 20yds
  • Three mini goals marked with coloured flags

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

Divide your players into three teams of four players.

The teams rotate from attacking to defending to resting. The game works with the teams attacking the goal they are facing and then defending the goal which is marked by their team’s coloured flags.

To start, the red team attacks the white team, then two white players enter to attack the red players and then two blue players attack the white players.

This rotation of 2v2 attacks continues until the time elapses.


  • The game is played for five minutes
  • The team with the most goals is declared the winner
  • Only the attacking team can score a goal
  • If the defenders win the ball or the ball leaves play then that attack is complete and then next attacker enters the game


Place two players from each team on the pitch. You play a pass onto the pitch and the three teams compete to score in the opponent’s goal. Continue this game for five minutes with a different pair of players entering the pitch on each ball. The team with the most goals wins.


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2v2 around the world - part 1

The two red players attack first against the white team.

2v2 around the world - part 2

Now the red players react and defend against the two blue players who enter to attack.

2v2 around the world - part 3

Finally the two blue players must defend against the two white players who now move to attack.

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