2v2 Small sided game to maintain possession

In this small-sided game from Michael Beale, Chelsea FC Academy Coach, players have to keep possession for their team and pass the ball to a team-mate standing outside the pitch.

It is a good 2v2 with supporting play on the outside. Players are using individual and team skills to rack up more goals than the opposition.

Tips to set up game

  • Set up a pitch 30 x 20 yards and use two teams of four players.
  • Each team has two players on the pitch and two players off it.
  • If the ball leaves play, the coach passes a new ball on to the team who weren’t in possession at the time.

Small-sided game with whites in possession trying to pass to player off the pitch


The aim of the game is to pass out to a team mate. The passing player swaps with the outside player, who dribbles the ball onto the pitch. Award a goal for each successful pass to an outside player.

Play the game for a set time.


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