3 Zone Playmaker Game

Set up

  • Pitch size: 40 x 30 yards, divided into three narrow strips
  • Each zone has a target goal at each end
  • Two teams of four players


  • Three players on each team go into their own 1v1 zone.
  • One player from each team is the “playmaker” (P in the diagrams).
  • Possession starts with the playmaker and the teams take it in turns to start a move.
  • The playmaker can play in any zone and move freely between them.
  • The other players must remain in their starting zones.
  • The playmaker’s job is to pass to a team mate and support them, creating a 2v1 situation.
  • The opponents’ playmaker can support their defender to create a 2v2 situation.
  • The game is played for four periods of 2 minutes.
  • Each player has one period as the playmaker.


64 small-sided games key

3 zone playmaker game - part 1

This is a game of 1v1s with a “floating” playmaker.

3 zone playmaker game - part 2

The black playmaker passes to the right and follows to create a 2v1.

3 zone playmaker game - part 3

The white playmaker follows to try and create a 2v2 before the black team have a chance to score.


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