3v2 to score


This game improves your attackers’ movement inside the opponent’s box. When attempting to score from a cross, attackers must ensure that their runs are made to lose or disrupt defenders. As the cross is played into the box the attackers should be spread out covering both near and far posts as well as the centre of the goal as this will maximise their chances of scoring.

Set up

  • Pitch 40yds x 30yds including two 5yd side channels

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

Two wingers go into the outside channel. Two neutral forwards are used, one in each half of the pitch. The remaining six players pair up into three teams. A team goes into each half as defenders (red, white). The third team (blue) starts on the central line as attackers.

The attackers receive a pass from you and combine to pass wide. The attackers then run to support the neutral forward to meet the cross and shoot.

Once this attack is complete the attackers become defenders. The defenders now break out to attack the opposite goal by receiving your pass. The game works continuously in this wave-like motion.


  • The game is played for five minutes
  • The team with the fewest goals become the new wide players
  • The team with the most goals become the neutral forwards
  • The wide players become a new team in the game
  • The attacking team must pass wide and cannot score until a cross has been made


The two neutral forwards become additional wingers on the other side of the pitch. The attacking team passes to a winger to dribble and cross, and the opposite winger can now run into the box to support the attack. This adds movement and the unpredictability of which side the cross will come from.


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3v2 to score - part 1

One centre forward is placed inside each half.

3v2 to score - part 2

The blue team builds up and passes wide to the winger, who dribbles forward and crosses.

3v2 to score - part 3

The two blue attackers and the forward must try to lose the defenders and score from the cross.

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