3v3v3 central and wide advantage


The central and wide advantage game improves your team’s ability to use the entire pitch when in attacking situations. Having an additional attacker in the centre of the pitch will force your team to work on quick combination play in central areas in order to score a goal. Having additional players in wide areas will force your team to play more wide passes where crosses can be made into the opponent’s box. Playing this game will show your team the benefits of both types of attack.

Set up

  • Pitch 40 yds x 30yds

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

This game progresses from the previous one. The three neutral attackers are spread out so that one goes into one half as a forward and the other two are positioned on the touchline of the other half as right and left wingers.

So, when attacking, the team has extra players to help it score a goal.

At one end the additional attacker is in the centre of the pitch, which encourages the team to attack in this area with quick passing combinations. At the opposite end of the pitch the two additional attackers are on the wings and the team must attack in wide areas utilising one-twos or crosses.


  • The game is played for ten minutes
  • If the defenders win the ball or the ball leaves the pitch then the attack is over.The defending team now breaks forward and into the opposite half to attack


Reward the teams for using the neutral players. If a neutral player scores or assists in the delivery of a goal then the goal counts as double.


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3v3v3 central and wide advantage - part 1

In one half a single neutral attacker is placed in the middle of the pitch. At the other end there are two neutral players positioned on the wings.

3v3v3 central and wide advantage - part 2

When attacking down the pitch the blue team has a central advantage creating a 4v3 overload.

3v3v3 central and wide advantage - part 3

When attacking up the pitch the blue team now has a wide advantage with players on the wings who can be used to provide crosses.

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