7 goal shooting range

There are plenty of ways to score in this game but accuracy and game management are key to making the most of having 7 targets to shoot at.

Why use it

Accurate shooting and creating space in midfield for key passes and shots make this a vital game for match practice.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Set up an area 30 x 15 yards. We used 10 players in the session

How to do it

Set your players up in a 5v5 with cones at each end and in the middle. Play is directional but the middle cones are available to both teams. The coach plays the ball in to one of the teams who has to get the ball down the opposite end and knock one of the cones over to score. Then the coach plays a second ball into the team that has just scored and they can attack the goals in the centre. This goes on until the team misses or the opposition wins the ball. If this happens the team attacks the other end or if the ball goes dead the coach plays a ball to the other team and they must attack the other end to knock over a cone before attacking the middle cones. Players must be aware and cover the middle cones the moment transition occurs.


Shooting accuracy, dribbling and passing skills plus concentration/reaction.

Knock the cones off

    1. The coach passes into one of the teams who must combine to get the ball down the other end
    2. Once they are in the other half of the pitch they must try to find space and shoot at the cones to knock one of the balls off
    3. Defenders must keep their concentration and defend the set of cones that are under attack – here the player breaks free and hits a long accurate shot

    4. Once one team knocks over a cone they must go back for a second ball from the coach and they can now attack the middle cones
    5. If the opposition intercepts the ball they attack the opposite end before receiving a ball to attack the middle cones
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