Cross boxes

This game encourages players to cross accurately and quickly to cause chaos in opposition defences. When they receive the ball on the wing, they will put in a great first-time cross to catch out a retreating defense.


Create an area of 40×40 yards with 10×10-yard boxes in two opposite corners. We’ve used 11 players. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

You need two crossers, one in each box. In the main area play a game of 6v3. The team of six has to make three passes before giving the ball to a player in the box – he has two touches and must cross to the other square to score for the team. The player in the opposite square must control the ball and pass it back to the team of six. If the team of three win the ball, they should pass to one of the players in the box, who crosses to score for them. All starts and restarts are from the coach, who plays the ball in to the team of six.


The onus is on the players in the boxes to make the game flow. It can be frustrating if players are not crossing the ball, so keep an eye on how it is going and change the crossers at quick intervals.

    1. The game starts with a pass from the coach to the team of six players
    2. The team of six must make three passes before they can get the ball to one of the crossers in the boxes

    3. The crosser has two touches to cross the ball to the other box and score a point for the team of six
    4. The receiver must control the ball and start the six players off by passing the ball to them again

    5. The team of three must work hard to win the ball and if they do they can pass to the crosser straight away. When he crosses to the other box he score a point for them
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