Attack and cover the goal soccer coaching game

This is a good small-sided game to use at the end of one of your soccer training sessions to encourage players to shoot at the empty goals. It is played along the lines of how youngsters play in the playground with the player nearest to the goal becoming the goalkeeper.
Small sided soccer coaching session to get players shooting at empty goals

Run the game

  • Players have to cover the goal but also need to attack, so this soccer coaching session is fun and fast. This game tests positional sense and gets players thinking about how many players can commit to an attack and how many should stay in defence.
  • Set up a 30 x 20 yard pitch, with a goal at either end, using two teams of four players.
  • There are a number of restart options players can use – throw-in, roll in, pass in, or you can have a number of helpers around the pitch who throw a new ball in each time one goes out.

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