Attack From Midfield

Improve link up play between your midfielders and centre forward with a clever session that sets up play and creates lots of goalscoring chances.

Why use it

This session improves the relationship between midfielders and the centre forward. Midfielders learn how to create space for a forward to receive a pass and then get into scoring positions themselves.

Set up

Three teams of three on a 40×22-yard pitch divided into 5, 20 and 15-yard zones.

Team 1: Two centre backs and a centre forward.

Team 2: Three midfielders.

Team 3: Three defenders.

Place two mannequins/poles 15 yards from a manned fullsized goal with a mini-goal on the 5-yard line.

Attack from midfield

How to play

The centre backs start with the ball in the 5-yard zone. They look to pass to the centre forward. The midfielders run to create space then play a wall pass with the forward, dribble into the 15-yard zone and shoot. The defenders look to prevent the through ball, regain possession and score in the mini goal. If a midfielder scores, they attack again. If the defence scores, switch roles.


Movement off the ball to create space.

Accurate passing forward.

Controlled wall pass from centre forward to midfielder.

Control, dribble and shot in two touches.