Back to back goals game

When I want to turn my defending deep/quick counter-attack session into a small-sided soccer game, I use this one.

This small-sided soccer game uses four back-to-back goals and involves quick passing and movement from both sets of players. It’s a fast game and one your players will love.

Because there are four back-to-back goals, players have to give a lot of thought about their position in front of the goals. The whole game is played in front of the goals which is good practice for defending deep in matches. The skills in this soccer coaching session are all about position and reading the mind of the attackers.

Set up the game

  • Set up a 30 yards x 20 yards area marked out with cones.
  • In the middle, arrange four small goals back to back as in the diagram.
  • Using two teams of four players, tell them they can score in the front and back of any goal.
  • Play it for around ten minutes.

Back to back goals game

If your players enjoyed this small-sided soccer game, why not treat them to more of the same? Click here to find out how to get hold of a copy of Chelsea Academy Coach Michael Beale’s 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games.

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