Block the shot small sided soccer game

This small-sided soccer (football) game works on reactive speed skills and forces your attackers and defenders to work at match speed in order to be successful.

Set up for small-sided soccer game

Mark out an area 25×25 yards with three poles, three balls and one goal set up as in the diagram below.

Small-sided soccer game to improve players reaction speeds

Player movement ball movement bar

How to play block the shot small-sided soccer game

  • Split your players into two lines, with one line acting as defenders and one line as the attackers.
  • The players pass the ball back and forth. On the whistle, they quickly run around their poles.
  • The attacker must then shoot first time and the defender must try to clear the ball or block the shot.

What to call out to develop skills

  • “React.”
  • “Get in line with the ball.”
  • “Stop the shot.”

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