Box to box

Working in a tight area, this session helps players focus on improving their first touch and developing passing and receiving skills. This helps players work on the quality of the pass, and also first touch to get the ball into a position to pass in the right direction.

Set up

Set up two adjacent areas of up to 10×12 yards. The space in between will be determined by the space available but try to vary it during the session as that varies the length of pass. We used eight players plus a server with a few balls.

How to play it

The squares have attacking and defending ends. Use two groups of four, one group for each square and stand one player on each corner. One group starts and passes around the square with two-touch. Players can pass side to side but the second pass must be forwards or backwards. Players can only pass diagonally when playing from defence to attack. When playing back it must be down the sides.
If a player passes back diagonally the next pass must be to the other square. If a mistake is made and the ball is not controlled, the server passes a new ball to the other square.


First touch is important to put the ball into a position where it can be passed. Problems arise when the touch is poor.

game play in small area

    1. The game starts at the defence end of the square with a diagonal pass to the attack
    2. When the attack end of the square passes back they cannot make a diagonal pass it must be a square pass

move the ball in tight spaces

    3. If a player at the attack end of the square makes the mistake of passing on the diagonal back to the defence end…
    4. …the ball must be played to the other square to players at the attack end of that square

    5. If a player makes a mistake and the ball goes out of the square, then the server plays a ball into the other square and play continues
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