Control the goal

Teams must be in control of the match by scoring first – then they have to build on that to win the game. This is all about taking control of the game by scoring a goal and then changing direction. Players need to be alert and communicate with each other especially when there is a transition in play.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and three goals. In an area 30 x 20 yards you need a small goal at each end and a normal-sized goal on one side. We used 12 players in the session.

How to play

Split your players into two equal teams. Here we have two teams of 5 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper. The teams play a 5v5 in the middle, they play a normal game with offsides, corners, throw-ins, and to win the game the team who scores in the goal at the side of the pitch first wins. But to access that goal they have to score in the opponents goal first to take control of the game. So if a team scores in their opponents goal they can attack the goal at the side but in the meantime if their opponents score in the other small goal they take control of scoring in the big goal. Goalkeepers must move to the big goal quickly when their team are defending it. Whoever gains control and scores in the central goal wins.


First touch passing and communication immediately come to mind but players must also be able to press and protect the central goal until the goalkeeper can get into position

    1. The game starts with one team using balls from next to the goal and the team attacks the opposite goal
    2. With normal rules the team attacks the opposition goal and tries to score to take control of

    3. When the team scores they take control of the game and the goalkeeper gets another ball and now the team attacks the main goal
    4. The team that scores in the main goal wins the game so now the team can try and win the game

    5. The opposition goalkeeper must quickly get across to the central goal and defend it
    6. If the opposition manage to score in the normal goal before their opponents win the game they take control and can win by scoring in the big goal
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