Crossing breakout


The crossing breakout factor introduces an interesting twist in this small-sided game as it gives one team a chance to score an additional goal but only if they do so from a cross.

Set up

  • Pitch 60yds x 30yds
  • Three goals, one is placed 20yds outside the main pitch

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

Create two teams of six players including a goalkeeper. One team is numbered in odds and the other team is numbered in evens.

The two teams play a normal game inside the main pitch. This game is controlled by you, serving the ball into the pitch when a goal is scored or when the ball leaves the pitch.

On your call of a number, that player must run out of the main pitch and receive a cross from the wide player in order to head or volley a shot at goal

The player must then become the new crosser while the original crossing player returns to the main pitch.


  • The game is played for ten minutes
  • Each player is called out of the pitch on one occasion to run and score from a cross. The main game continues when the shooting situation occurs
  • You are in control of playing a new ball into the main pitch if the ball leaves play
  • The crossing player cannot return to the main pitch until their team mate has scored
  • Goals in the main game counts as one goal, goals in the breakout also count as one goal. The team with the most goals wins


Move the crossing player to the opposite side of the pitch so that the players experience scoring from crosses fed to them from the right and left.


64 small-sided games soccer games volume 2 key

Crossing breakout - part 1

The player called runs to score from the cross.

Crossing breakout - part 2

This player now becomes the new crossing player.

Crossing breakout - part 3

The original crosser rejoins the game.

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