Dodging defenders small sided soccer game

Use this simple small-sided soccer game to get your attackers passing and moving the ball to prevent defenders gaining possession.

In this small-sided soccer coaching drill all your players are working all the time.

Game set up

  • Divide your players into groups of four and mark out a six-yard square for each of the groups to work in.
  • In each square spread out five or six markers.

Run small-sided soccer game

  • The game is simple: three of the players are attackers and have to keep the ball away from the defender. Players can move around the square in any direction, passing the ball as often as they wish.
  • The defender is trying to intercept the pass or tackle the player with the ball.
  • None of the attackers or the defender are allowed to touch the markers. If they do, they have to run once around the square before joining the game again.

Advance the drill skills

You can advance the players’ skills by changing the numbers and balance of defender versus attackers, and put more or less markers in the area.

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