End to end attack

In this session strikers are being coached at both ends of the pitch – a striker must press the central defenders at one end, while at the other the strikers must get on the end of good passes to score a goal. It helps to develop teams to play through the thirds with an end product.

Set up

Set up a 50×40-yard area with a five-yard zone at each end and a 10-yard box at one end with a server. We’ve used 12 players including the server. You need bibs, balls and cones.

How to play it

Split your squad so you have a server and a 6v5 overload in favour of the team starting with the ball. In the box is a 2v1 with two central defenders against one attacker and in the main area is a 4v4. The server plays the ball into the central defenders who combine to get the ball out of the square and into the 4v4. One defender can join the main game making a 5v4 overload.
Running the ball into the end zone scores a point. If the opposition win the ball they must run it to the opposite end zone to score. Restarts are from the server.


Players learn how to use the extra man not only for keeping the ball but for playing and running through a defence as well.

Fast attacking

    1. The session starts with a pass from the server to the defenders in the boxed off zone
    2. The defenders must combine to get the ball out of the box. One of the defenders can follow the play into the main area

    3. Here the striker is pressing so the defender has to quickly release the ball
    4. The defending team makes an interception as the pressure tells and the team breaks away

Quick combinations

    5. Teams score by running with the ball into the end zone – they must have the ball under control
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