End Zone Game

Set up

  • Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum)
  • Two teams of four players
  • No goals
  • Two end zones, 10 yards in from each goal-line.


  • The aim of this game is to score a goal by dribbling out and stopping the ball in the end zone.
  • The team that scores the “goal” now turns and attacks the opposite end zone.
  • If one team is dominating the game then change the rules so that they take it in turns.


64 small-sided games key

End zone game - part 1

The white team are trying to create space to attack the opposite end zone.

End zone game - part 2

The pass is on and the white team try to get it to a player in an advanced position.

End zone game - part 3

A white player must dribble into the end zone to score a “goal”.

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