Fast-paced multi-position game to get soccer players moving

This is a brilliant fast-paced, multi-skilled game called “Two-man crossing tournament”. It sees teams adopt a number of different roles. For one team, the pressure is on to make the most of goalscoring situations, while two other teams must show solid defensive thinking if they are to get a chance to attack.

The fourth team supplies crosses and is guaranteed a set period of supplying balls to strikers, so this is a good period when they can try out a variety of different assists.


How to set it up:

  • This small-sided game is played in an area measuring 40×30 yards, with an additional five-yard channel along one edge of the pitch.
  • There is a goal at each end.
  • You will need to mark out a halfway line.
  • The game is played using four teams of two players, plus two neutral goalkeepers
  • Start with an attacking team, a defending team, a crossing team (in the five-yard channel) and a working team (these enter the pitch from the halfway line).

The rules:

  • The working team receives a ball from the coach, and its players combine to pass wide to the crossing team.
  • The working team’s players then make attack-minded runs towards one of the goals.
  • The crossing team’s players combine quickly to send a ball into the area the working team have run to.
  • A goal must result within five seconds of the ball being crossed.
  • If successful, the working team now begins the move again, receiving a second ball from the coach before attacking the opposite goal.
  • However, if it fails to score, the defenders break out and attack the other goal.
  • An attacking team that fails to score becomes a defending team.
  • Every five minutes, rotate teams so that each takes the role of the crossing team.
  • The game runs continuously for 20 minutes.

This formation advice is taken from 64 More Small-Sided Soccer Games by Michael Beale. 64 More Small-Sided Soccer Games contains 80 drills and games to develop shooting and finishing.

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