Fast Pass Game

Ball control in tight areas is vital to building a successful team that can play through the thirds. The overloads in this session help players to develop their ability to pass and receive.

Why use it

Great session for playing through tight midfield to get ball into attack – helps players deal with possession in tight spaces and ball control. Good session for building confidence in passing and movement.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Mark out a 30×10 yard area split into three zones. We used 16 players in the session.

Fast Pass Game

How to play

Split your players into 11 attackers and 5 defenders. Arrange them into zones so the outer two zones are 4 attackers v 2 defenders and the centre zone is 3 attackers and 1 defender. Play one- or two-touch (depending on ability). The attacking team begins with the ball in zone one, with the intention of passing it into zone 2 where the defender aims to prevent the ball making it to the other end. If attackers are successful, play now comes back the other way. There must be 2 passes in each zone (change the number of passes to make it harder/easier.) Each movement of the ball from one end to the other scores a point. Switch the defenders every three goes.


This practice rehearses movement, angles, short passes, body shape, weight of pass and decision-making.