Find the Space

This is a useful training session to help players understand when and how to switch the play wide in order to create scoring opportunities with through passes.

Why use it

One of the primary attacking objectives of wingers is to get the ball to their feet where their 1v1 skills, speed and creativity can cause havoc for opponents with through balls and by switching play to a team-mate in space on the opposite side of the pitch.

Set up

Use the centre of your pitch between the penalty areas. We used 12 players.

Find the Space

How to play

Play 6v6 with one player on each team standing in the centre behind the two goals representing a holding player who can only move side to side. The other players line up with four at the back and a striker. The aim is to score in either of the small goals.

Encourage players to move freely, interchanging to create gaps, passing lanes, free players, and the opportunity for wide players to switch the point of attack through a horizontal dribble.


Look for players to see the space to make penetrative passes (or to see a lack of space and switch the point of attack). The player at the back can make the decisions on when to push forward in an effort to score and when to keep the ball.

By Lang Wedemeyer, women’s head coach, South Dakota State University and National Staff Member of the NSCAA