Flying Fullbacks

The sight of a defender bombing on down the over-lap is no longer seen as a surprise move from an unexpected angle but a key part of how all the best sides seek to play.

Fullbacks are now a potent attacking force in the professional game – it’s very rare you see a team that doesn’t have an overlapping fullback or a fullback that plays like a winger smashing the ball across the penalty box of the opposition from every angle at every opportunity.

Develop the shooting and crossing skills of your fullbacks with a session that encourages their attacking instincts.

Why use it

Use this session if you want to see exciting flying fullbacks who can either cross a ball or cut inside and shoot. Players can make use of 2v1 situations to attack or fool the defenders with a skill. Crosses into the box are also an option in this game.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals in a playing area of 40×50 yards. We’ve used 14 players for this session. Use three teams, each consisting of four players. You will also need two goalkeepers.

Flying Fullbacks Session

How to Play

Two teams play the game but the third team (in blue here) provides fullbacks for the attacks, making it 6v4. The game lasts for four balls – each team has two attacks with additional fullbacks. If the fullbacks score, their own team gets an additional point as well as a goal for the team they are helping.


Tactically very good for defenders supporting both the midfield and attack, this session improves play in wide areas and encourages fullbacks to join in the attack. Good overloads mean that the success rate is high, so the session will really develop the attacking strengths of your fullbacks.

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