Forward March

This activity is aimed at helping players decide whether to play forward or keep possession.

Why use it

This drill helps players move to create passing angles to receive the ball. Players in possession try to make good decisions on whether to pass forward to the target player or keep possession by passing backwards/sideways to build the play again.

Set up

For this session we’re using 12 players working in 20×20-yard area, with one ball for each team. Each team places a target player on different and opposite sides of the square as shown. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to do it

Teams must pass the ball from one target man to the other, avoiding each other. Target players can move side to side. Progress the session by using one ball and teams must win the ball and get it from one target player to the other.


This is a good session to coach awareness on the pitch initially in the unopposed game with lots of players passing different ways, then in the opposed tactical game players must move support and create space to keep possession just like they would in a match.

Turn and play forward

    1. Each team has a target player who can travel from side to side but cannot enter the playing area
    2. The ball must be passed through each player of the same colour to the target player and back again

Hit the target man

    3. You can have a race between the two teams to see who can pass the fastest – try one touch you’ll have great fun watching players trying to make their passes
    4. Once each player has passed in the race they must get out of the square so the first team out wins

Forward pass challenge

    5. Advance the session so there is only one ball and players try to get from one side to the other under pressure
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