Four pass strike

With just four passes before a shot has to be made, your players will learn how break from midfield with pace and precision

Why use it

Speed and incision are key elements in lightning breaks from midfield and this session uses fast movement to play past and eliminate opponents. Accelerating across open areas of the pitch with swift and slick support play are the coaching points in this session

Set up

Set up an area of 35×30 yards split into three zones: the outer zones are 15 yards and the central zone is 10 yards. We are using 12 players in this session and the teams line up with two players in the home zone, two in the central zone and one in the attacking zone. You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals.

How to do it

Players have four passes to score from the moment they get possession. Any more and possession is turned over. Players must stay in their zones if they are defending but when they have the ball they are free to roam all zones.


In a match situation the reality of recovery means that within five passes the opposition defenders will have time to recover and get back behind the ball, so the game revolves around a quick four passes and a shot.

Four passes and shoot

    1. Players have to create a goal scoring chance within four passes or possession is lost
    2. Players are locked into the zones but are released when they have possession

Four passes then shoot

    3. The goalkeeper spots an opportunity to get into the midfield quickly and players combine to score
    4. Movement of players in possession is vital for success of the session

Score after four passes

    5. Here the attacking team lose the ball and a lightning burst from midfield sets the opposition away
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