Full team pressure

If you haven’t got the ball you won’t be able to win, so this game teaches teams how to move together to press the opposition all over the pitch and force a mistake that wins the ball.

Set up

Set up two goals on one half of your normal pitch. We have used 13 players in this session. You need bibs, balls, cones and

How to do it

Split your players into two teams, one of six players with no keeper in a 4-2-0 formation and one of seven players with a keeper in a 3-1-2 formation. The team of seven start with the ball in the hands of their keeper. He plays it out into the back three and they attack from there. The team of six has no keeper so they must go tight on their opponents and press high. If not it will be easy to slot into the open goal. Make sure both teams play with and without the goalkeeper so both teams practise pressing


All players must be switched on and concentrating fully. They must stay on their feet and pressure their opponents quickly to force them to pass backwards or sideways.

Pressure opponents

    1. The goalkeeper starts the session with a pass out of his hands to one of his team-mates
    2. On the defender’s first touch players must move into position to block the route to goal

Moving and communicating

    3. Here the defending team is running hard to close down the attackers
    4. The team must move together and communicate where they are leaving space on the pitch

Covering switching play

    5. The team has left space on the wing for the attacking team to switch play but it doesn’t threaten the goal
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