Fun fast game to get goalies making shots

This is a good, fun game to get your goalkeeper making shots and to help him with goalkicks. It’s a fast 1v1 where each goalkeeper can score using various skills – throw, kick, drop-kick. As soon as a goalkeeper saves, he shoots back.

This game is all about the ability to get behind the ball and move across goal as each player tries to score. Encourage your goalkeepers to use both feet and to try different techniques for shooting.

Goalkeeping game to get goalies making shots and improving goalkicks


Game set up

You need two goals, two goalkeepers, plenty of balls. Start with a distance of around 15 yards between the two goals and work from there. You can make it harder or easier depending on the size and age of your players.

Goalkeepers start in their own goal. The aim of this game is for each goalkeeper to score more goals than their opponent. Encourage your goalkeepers to serve the ball as quickly as they can – do not let them wait for the other goalkeeper to get ready (they have to be ready at all times just as in a game situation).

Develop the game

Making the area smaller makes reaction times shorter. Also, you can add a free central player (this can be the coach). This player can set up the goalkeepers for a free shot and also slightly obstruct the view of the saving goalkeeper.

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