Goal scoring tactics

This tactical game is great for getting players thinking about who should be the attacker and how to make the most of points given to players

Set up

The area we use is 40×30 yards. You need eight players in the session and bibs, balls, cones and goals.

How to play it

Play 4v4 including goalkeepers. Each player in this game is given points that they get when they score a goal. The players start off with three points each – the first goal they score is worth three points, the second two points and the third one point. After that the player’s goals don’t count. Teams need to take breaks so they can organise who should be attacking and who should be defending as the goal count mounts up.


Clever play to get the most points out of scoring goals. Tactics are key here but with only three outfield players on each team it helps to identify who can score the most points.

1. Each team has three outfield players and a goalkeeper
2. Players are given three points at the start and it is three points for the first goal but after that it is two points then one then no points

3. Using tactics it makes players worth the most points the ones that should be scoring the goals
4. When all the outfield players have scored it would make sense to get the goalkeeper upfield to score his thre

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