Golden boot

This quick and exciting shooting game makes your players work hard and think fast in order to beat the keeper and win the Golden Boot.

Why use it

If your players lack confidence in front of goal, this activity is aimed at sharpening their shooting skills and will give them dozens of chances to score.

Set up

Place two penalty areas together with a goal across the middle (with no net) and a keeper in place. You stand outside the area with a set of balls.

How to play

Players compete against one another and can score in either side of the goal. When a goal is scored, the ball remains live, so the next goal can be scored by a player immediately returning the ball from the other side of the goal. Whoever has scored the most after five minutes wins the Golden Boot.


Players are encouraged to shoot on sight. Those not in the ‘live’ half of the pitch need to decide whether to move closer to the ball or remain where they are, anticipating a chance to pick it up. Each man is for himself, so any players dwelling on the ball will be quickly tackled. Deflected goals still count for the player who shoots, so there’s little reason not to pull the trigger!

Be the best scorer

    1. The coach serves balls in at the start of the game. Here the player is alert to a short ball away from goal, runs to it, turns and dribbles before firing a shot at goal.

      2. When players are challenging for the ball it will often run loose so other players must be alert to pick up rebounds, miscued shots or balls deflecting from challenges.

      Score more goals

        3. When a player shoots from one side and scores it can immediately be fired back at the goal for another goal.

          4. As soon as the ball goes out of play the coach serves another ball in. Try changing the angle and the height of the serve so players can head or control on their chest.

          Who can score the most goals

            5. Changing the angles also gives the keeper a chance to catch the ball or save it. If he catches or saves he throws the ball back to the coach. It will be a tiring session for the goalkeeper so change him frequently.

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