Mastering the flanks – Small-Sided Game


This session focuses on moving the ball quickly into wide areas and exploiting space in those areas. It is ideal for 16 players and perfect if there is no goalkeeper attending your session.



Set up a playing area relative to the age and ability of your players. The area needs a square marked out in each corner – two for each team to score in.



Teams play 7v7 plus two neutral players on the outside. Each team defends two boxes located on the corners of the field. Goals are scored by trying to find a player with a penetrating pass inside the box. The team that scores maintains possession and transitions to their other goalscoring square (can the opposition team immediately press?). Two wide neutral players support the team in possession, looking to play inside quickly.



Be patient in possession and look for an overload situation to attack. Can we receive away from pressure, can we look to get forwards with our first touch? Look for penetrating runs and providing width and depth.

1. Teams play 7v7 with two neutral wide players supporting the team in possession

2. Teams score by playing a penetrative pass into one of their goalscoring squares for a team-mate to receive

3. After scoring, the team stays in possession and looks to immediately score in their second square. The opposition should press the space

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