“Monster Tag” for 4-6 year olds

Improve the dribbling abilities of the youngest players in this fun “Monster Tag” game.

Objective: to improve co-ordination, dribbling skills

Monster tag session

Age group: 4-6

Set up: create a playing area big enough for all your players to run around in.

How to play: All the players are inside the grid and all but three have a football ball.

The three without a ball form a “blobby monster” by holding hands.

The monster moves freely in the grid and tries to kick any player’s ball out of the grid.

If a player’s ball leaves the grid he/she joins the blobby monster.

Once a chain has six or more players, have it break apart into two smaller chains.

The last player dribbling is the winner.

What to say to your players:

  • “Stay away from the monster!”- that’s the purpose of the game.
  • “Don’t get trapped” – move into space away from the blob.
  • “Keep control of the ball” – don’t kick it too far away.
  • “Work together” – the monster must work as a team. They must stay together when kicking balls out of the grid.
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