Multi ball game


This exciting, all-action attacking and defending game features a variety of mini duels of 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 and so on. Each team must attack or defend in order to stop the opposition winning.

Set up

  • A circle 40yds in diameter
  • A smaller circle 6yds in diameter is placed in the centre of the pitch

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

Start with two teams of four players. One team defends the mini goals, the other team goes to the centre circle and each player takes a ball to attack with.

On your whistle, the attackers dribble and attempt to score in the mini goals. The defenders must stop them.

The attackers can score in any goal, they can attack alone in 1v1 situations, or they can attack in pairs, threes or as a whole team with one ball. The rules for defenders are the same and they can defend alone or run to help a team mate.

When the ball leaves play or a goal is scored the attacker runs back to the centre circle and collects a new ball to continue attacking. The game is played until all the balls have been used.


  • The game is played until all balls have left the pitch. The balls are then collected and the teams change roles
  • The two periods of the game should last no longer than five minutes
  • No balls are allowed to be collected from the goals or from outside the area. The balls can only be collected from the centre circle
  • The teams are free to attack and defend alone, or in small groups


Change the game to a team game where the team must attack as a whole team using one ball. This will introduce the idea of team work and encourage players to work together.


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Multi ball game - part 1

The white team attacks and the red team defends.

Multi ball game - part 2

White players continually run back to collect more balls and attack again.

Multi ball game - part 3

White players can play alone or combine with team mates to score. The red players can defend alone or together.

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