Multi ball game to improve soccer thinking skills

Try this multi-ball small-sided soccer game so your players have to think about the danger from two separate balls and consider how they can make their two balls give them an advantage.

Set up the soccer (football) game

  • Set up a pitch, 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum).
  • Have two teams of four players.
  • Two goalkeepers.
  • No offside.
  • Each team has two balls.

Run the game

  • To start this small-sided soccer game, blow your whistle for both teams to enter the pitch.
  • Each team has two balls to attack with but must also simultaneously defend two balls.
  • The game continues until all four balls have left the pitch.
  • Continue the game for a further five balls by feeding them in one at a time to replace those gone.
  • When all five balls have been played, count the goals scored and declare the winning team.

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