No Through Road

A simple and continuous game aimed at improving your players in 1v1 situations and developing their all-round tackling abilities

Why use it

In the modern game it is crucial that players can defend 1v1 against a range of opponents. Matches at all levels are made up of a series of 1v1 situations so it is important that adequate time is spent working on individual technique in training.

Set up

Set up an area of 10x10yards. We are using seven players in this session. You will need balls and cones.

How to play

This is a continuous 1v1 game in which attackers have to dribble across the area and get past a defender. Start with no tackling, just jockeying (side to side movementsto force play) or positional movements to force the attacker out of the area. Add tackling to progress the session as it develops.


Winning the ball back in 1v1 situations protects your team from attackers bursting through on goal.This is obviously a desirable situation for your team and will set up counter attacking opportunities.


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