Hit wide areas

This session focuses on hitting wide areas with the use of group attacks and switching. It works on the basic play used to develop attacking moves to get from one third to the next to create goal scoring chances.

Why use it

Playing against a good defensive organisation teams need to find the best way of breaking down the opposition

Set up

You need balls, bibs, and cones in an area 35 x 15 yards including 5 yard end zones in the first session and 25 x 20 with 4 mini goals in the second part. We used 10 players in the session.

How to do it

Line challenge
This practice focuses on hitting wide areas with the use of group attacks and switching. We set up in a 15×35-yard area. Players must pass through the line to score, though in setting up that opportunity the idea is to pass side to side at speed to create that space for the killer through-ball. The target player must receive the ball on the other side of the line for a point to be awarded.

Left and right goals
This practice looks at hitting a small target but again makes use of switching. So for this we now move into a 20×25-yard space. It’s the same method as before but we now have two small goals at both ends of the pitch that the players can score in.


This is all about practicing various ways to get the ball into key areas

Organised to attack

    1. Reds shift the ball from the right to the left
    2. Forward motion from the attacking group is vital
    3. Finally a diagonal forward run is made by the central blue
    4. He receives the ball beyond the line to score a point

Organised to attack

    5. Reds again start with possession at the back
    6. They progress the ball through midfield
    7. This time the challenge is to score in one of the two mini-goals
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