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Small sided soccer game to pounce on a through...

in Passing, Small Sided Games

This small-sided soccer game is a great one to get your soccer players pouncing on the through ball from your team’s positive passer. The positive passer is the player who puts the ball into danger areas. You need to coach this skill by telling your player to: Pass into space. Pass the ball forward. Look... MORE

Playground style small sided game

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

Playground-style soccer is typically tackles flying in from all angles and playing that is quick and in control. It’s a great way to learn! This small-sided game recreates this so that all the players are involved, and sometimes one side is heavily stacked against the other. Set up a pitch with cones 30 x 20... MORE

Back to back goals game

in Passing, Small Sided Games

When I want to turn my defending deep/quick counter-attack session into a small-sided soccer game, I use this one. This small-sided soccer game uses four back-to-back goals and involves quick passing and movement from both sets of players. It’s a fast game and one your players will love. Because there are four back-to-back goals, players... MORE

Small sided soccer game for volleys

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

Young soccer (football) players need lots of volleying practice to help them perfect this soccer skill. Use the following small-sided soccer game to coach the tactics needed. Any game where an object hits a ball in a precise way only works well if your players practise the soccer skills repeatedly. Set up for small-sided soccer... MORE

Small sided soccer game for possession

in Passing, Small Sided Games

A small-sided soccer game that pits possession against pressure. Small-sided soccer game set up This game is all about one team keeping the ball and the other putting pressure on and winning the ball to create goal-scoring chances. You can use soccer (football) teams of 6v6. One team is on the pitch passing the ball... MORE

Close down space with this 4v2 small sided soccer...

in Defending, Small Sided Games

If you watch the best defenders, they don’t give away space easily. Space is an attacker’s friend but it’s a defender’s enemy. This small-sided soccer defence game is a good one to work on with your defenders, but all players should be able to close down space when an opponent is receiving the ball. Timing... MORE

Passing game to get your players thinking quickly

in Passing, Small Sided Games

If snow-covered soccer pitches are holding up training, try some simple passing exercises to keep your team busy. The ball will move around quite easily and with this soccer drill you can keep your players’ minds on passing rather than throwing snowballs at each other. Key soccer coaching tip One of the aims of this... MORE

Small sided game to focus on last five minutes...

in Defending, Small Sided Games

Nothing hurts more than losing it in the last five minutes of your soccer (football) game. To coach your players in the tactics to avoid this pitfall, use the following small-sided soccer game. Tell your players to imagine there are only five minutes left to go in the Cup Final and you are leading Manchester... MORE

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