Small Sided Games

Small-sided games are games with a small number of players on each side, for example 3 v 3 or 5 v 5. The key point is that because there are fewer players, each player gets more touches of the ball, and there are many additional benefits.

Soccer Coach Weekly recommends the use of small-sided games as a key part of your coaching program, and as a subscriber you can access 128 specially designed games, in a format that you can easily print and take to training. Once the games are set up and running and the players understand the rules, there’s no coaching, and the players take responsibility.

Alternatively you can buy all the games in printed or ebook format here.

An example of a small-sided soccer game used to help players have more touches of the ball in a training session

An example of a small-sided game being used to teach strikers to shoot

The games in the section below will help your players to improve on individual and team skills. They are simple to set up, guarantee more player participation, with more passes attempted, and more goals scored.



in Shooting, Small Sided Games

Shooters is a collection of games that improve your team’s ability to create and take shooting opportunities. They are designed to improve the build up process, a positive attitude towards taking responsibility for shots at goal, and the reaction of the forwards to run in to win rebounds. MORE

Possession game - part 1

Possession game

in Small Sided Games

Players need to keep possession in order to create chances to score. This game develops possession play to create space to play forward passes. MORE

Central v wide attack - part 1

Central v wide attack

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

Central v wide attack forces players to use a combination of tactics to create a fast-paced, action-packed game. One team attempts to score by bursting through the centre of the opponent’s defence. The second team looks to use the wings and players’ dribbling skills to create opportunities to get crosses into the box. But which team will come out on top and show its tactics are best? MORE

Pass and shoot - part 1

Pass and shoot

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

It’s crucial to make your players feel comfortable to shoot at goal more often. This game enables players to do just this by encouraging them to use quick passing and combination play to create the time and space to shoot at goal. MORE

Shooters game - part 1

Shooters game

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

This game combines the skills learnt in the previous two games to create a free-fl owing possession and shooting game. The two teams must try to pass the ball in order to create opportunities to shoot at goal. MORE

Wide attack - part 1

Wide attack

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

Encourages players to get involved in creative attacking in wide areas as they have to dribble through the wide gates before crossing into the opponent’s penalty area. MORE

4v2 switch goals - part 1

4v2 switch goals

in Small Sided Games

This game is overloaded in the attacking team’s favour. This gives the attacking team the confidence to give their extra players the time and space to score goals. It also helps you identify those players who don’t get their heads up and look for team mates who are in better positions than themselves. MORE

Central or wide attack games

Central or wide attack games

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

These games improve your team’s ability to play quick passing combinations in the centre of the pitch and use quick switches of play. The ultimate aim is to develop your players skill so that they are capable of using the whole pitch in order to attack and score goals. MORE

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