Playground style small sided game

Playground-style soccer is typically tackles flying in from all angles and playing that is quick and in control. It’s a great way to learn! This small-sided game recreates this so that all the players are involved, and sometimes one side is heavily stacked against the other.

Set up a pitch with cones 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum).

How to play the small-sided soccer game

  • Four teams of two players (black,white, hoops, stripes).
  • Two keepers.
  • If the ball leaves play, feed a new ball in immediately.
  • Start the game with four teams of two playing with one ball. Players can score in any goal.
  • On your call, two teams immediately join together and the game continues in a 4v4 situation. An example of a call would be “white and stripes”. Both these teams now join forces to play against black and hoops.

You can also overload the game against one team, for example “white, stripes and hoops” would play against black. Again, the teams can score in either goal.

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