Playing out to score

A session that puts passing patterns into match play situations with teams keeping possession, passing through the thirds and showing creativity to score goals

Why use it

A team that plays out from the back keeping possession and playing through the thirds will create good goalscoring chances

Set up

You need balls, bibs, and cones in an area 25 x 15 yards (in the progression we used two goals). Mark out four cones in the corners of the area with two cones in the middle 5 yards apart. We used 8 players in the session + 2 goalkeepers for the progression.

How to do it

The passing pattern starts with A passing to B as both players move up the area. B passes into C who passes back to D. D sets up A for a pass across to E. Players A and B run and join E and F. Now E plays to F and play goes back up the other end. The game continues to be run in waves up and down the pitch.
Move the session to half a pitch and add a goal on the half way line and a goal at the penalty area end plus goalkeepers. Now at the end of the move the player who receives a pass from C or D takes a shot at goal.


Passing, moving and shooting with good weight and direction of pass to keep the session moving.

Penetrate defences

    1. The session starts with player A passing across the area to player B who are both on the move
    2. Player B passes into player C who plays the ball back to player D setting up a pass out wide back to player A

Penetrate the final third

    3. Player A passes across to player E who starts the session going back the other way with a pass to player F
    4. The middle two players combine and the ball goes back out to player E who passes across to F.

Create and score

    5. Now using half a pitch add goals and goalkeepers and create a shot at goal from one of the players moving up the pitch
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