Power And Place

If your strikers have lost their scoring boots and can’t hit the goal no matter how many attempts they have on match day, get them back on track with this fun shooting game

Why use it

This game is focused on scoring goals and getting your striker back to his deadly best. It gives all your players a chance to practise their shooting, and it’s great fun too.

Set up

You just need plenty of balls, a goal, a goalkeeper and a helper. Use your whole squad for this session.

How to play

This is a ‘score or go out’ game. Each player has two chances to score to go into the next round. The coach stands to one side of the goal and a helper stands on the other side – both have plenty of balls. The keeper cannot come out of his six-yard box. Line up your players about 20 yards from goal. Hit a long pass to the first player, who has one touch to control and
make a shot using a power technique. As soon as the shot is either saved, scored or missed, the helper plays a second ball just outside the six-yard box, which the player must get to and shoot first time by placing the ball into the goal – no power allowed on this ball.


This is a game requiring excellent technique and changes of pace. The skill involved will help your players to put the ball away when they get the chance in a match situation.