Promotion or Relegation

Teach your players how to win vital games and how to keep trying until the end. This fun promotion and relegation session involves a lot of different winning scenarios. With make or break games it is important that players understand what it means if they lose. This helps them to concentrate.

Set up

Set up three areas around the penalty area: a central area of 30×30 yards with a goal at each end; a 25×18-yard area on the left hand side with four target goals; and an 18×18-yard area to the right. We’ve used 20 players.

How to play

Use six teams of three plus two keepers. The session is about promotion and relegation and the initial set up should be done by lottery. The areas are Division One,Two and Three and teams play 3v3 in each. There are keepers in Division One and the loser of the game must go into Division Two. In Division Two players score in target goals – the winner is promoted and the loser is relegated. In Division Three teams make six passes to score and the winner is promoted. Play for three minutes per game. In tied games the winner is the team with the ball at the end. Three points for a win in Division One, two points in Division Two and one point in Division Three.


It helps players to keep trying until the end and shows the importance of holding onto the ball to win.

    1. In Division One play starts with the keeper and teams must battle it out in a 3v3
    2. The winning team stays in Division One but the loser is relegated to Division Two

    3. In Division Two players have small target goals to attack in a 3v3. Play starts with one team having the ball at the back
    4. The winning team here gets promoted to Division One but the loser gets relegated to Division Three

    5. In Division Three teams score by making six consecutive passes. The winner goes up to Division Two
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