Recover to counter

This is all about recovering quickly to stop the opposition counter attacks penetrating the final third in two different sessions

Why use it

This is all about defenders reacting to counter attack situations they will find themselves in during matches

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Create an area 35 x 20 yards including a 5 yard centre strip. We used 13 players in the session.

How to do it

In the right hand area there are 3 attackers in a box each and two defenders plus a target players off the pitch by the goal and a recovering defender on the halfway line. The three attackers start with the ball and on your call release the recovering defender and target player. The attackers must score in 20 seconds and if the defenders win the ball they make three passes to score a point. The three attackers can start in any box they want and you can start all three in one box.
In the left hand session with the area funneled off at the goals. Two attackers on this side go 2v1 against a defender with one defender starting on the half way line as a recovery defender. The recovery defender goes immediately the attackers start moving.
Play each side for 5 goes then swap players around.


Defenders should try to delay attackers until the player has got into position. Attackers play quickly and use passing and movement to bring success.

Recovering defenders must get back

    1. The attackers start in one of the boxes and attack the appropriate ends
    2. The recovering defenders are released immediately the attackers move or they wait for the coaches call

    3. One attacker is a target player who moves on the coaches call
    4. Attackers must try and link up to create a goalscoring chance or if the defenders win the ball they can clear it or try to make three passes to score a point

    5. Here the attackers all start from one box and link up to fool the defenders and create a goalscoring opportunity
    6. In the 2v1 the attacker goes it alone to break around the outside of the defender and shoot at goal
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